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Motoz "GUMMY" X-TREME Hybrid Super Soft Tyre

$145.00 - $149.95
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Application – Hybrid Soft
15% Road – 85% Off-Road

Terrain Conditions. Extreme Weather Mountain / Extreme Single Track.

The MOTOZ XTREME HYBRID tyre is like a Mountain Hybrid, but with a more aggressive tread for extreme conditions, with serious straight line drive for those soft hill climbs and muddy bogs. It has traction characteristics of a trials tyre, with the dimensions of a serious off-road enduro tyre to maintain the bike’s handling characteristics.

Climbs like a trials tyre, but much better in mud, sand, and a wide variety of technical single track terrain.

  • Construction like a trials tyre but with reinforced sidewalls to allow lower inflation pressure.
  • Flexible tread concave and lock system for increased traction.
  • Tread blocks with deep sypes for extra trials-like grip.
  • Natural Rubber Rich for durability and long wear life.
  • DOT and reversible Rear.

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